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Shutterstock asked
How might we enable image sharing for people in developing countries where access to technology and internet is limited?
Our final product is A one-stop-shop website platform, which allows photographers to upload, edit and submit content to multiple monetized image sharing platforms in a few clicks. Our product targets both amateur and professional photographers who are using their works to make money, and especially for those who based in developing countries. Our platform tries to address three pain points we found out through the survey: lack of peer to peer feedback, language barrier and low bandwidth. As our localized platform can let the users get in touch with other photographers who are in the same location with them, they can easily talk with each other in their own language to share feedback with images and ask for needs. What’s more, when the images they uploading are ready for submission, our platform will give users the corresponding tagging suggestions from Google. Finally, users can submit the images to multiple websites with only one click. This whole process will definitely save users time and the platform itself will let users get useful information which they can only get from different platforms previously.