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Adobe asked
How might we validate the “authenticity” of digital content shared on social networks and attribute the content to the creator?
We are pleased to introduce EXPOSE.i, a mission-critical tool to enable social media platforms to provide an honest and transparent internet to the world. Why now? It is a critical time for the authenticity of digital content. Adobe tools and others are being utilized in an AI-enabled arms race to produce deep fakes and other fake content, ownership is difficult to trace, and the credibility of social media content has been brought into question by Cambridge Analytica. Our top value-adds that give us a competitive edge is that our tool provides transparency of information, and is a platform- agnostic aggregator. EXPOSE.i provides analysis for images that will be posted online. A social media platform can interact with the API through the web-based user interface or by directly calling routes for different analysis techniques. The three routes return different information to help digital media companies make better decisions on the authenticity of images. The API is a B2B-focused product, providing routes for analysis including (1) Error Level Analysis of the image for visualizing modifications, (2) a reverse image search presenting the top sites the content is linked to, and (3) the extraction of metadata from the image.